What if you are wasting money on untargeted, cold outreach strategies? Even if your team is doing everything right, you can have the painful experience of watching your sales team putting in their hours chasing low-quality prospects and leads.    You might spend hours or even days researching an account, finding the right decision maker and their contact information only to later discover that you don’t have their updated data. If your contact list data is inaccurate then you could spend hours and hours failing to connect with any ideal prospects. Sales reps are drained, and sales leaders struggle to predict revenue growth.   With the rising importance of data, the number of B2B companies focusing on database management and sanitation is growing. This has led to a proliferation of techniques such as data authentication and database cleaning. Data can be enhanced manually or at a fixed rate with the assistance of automation software. Although manual enrichment can initially save the company from additional spending, a proper data enrichment tool can save you time and effort in the long run. 

Why you should care about lead enrichment?

The benefits of lead enrichment extend across marketingsales and customer success departments. Here are some of the tasks where lead enrichment can help you:  
Enriched CRM data enables your team to use additional insights to create the right messaging and address the prospect’s need through data-driven intuition.

How Lead Enrichment Helps Teams

Key data enrichment benefits for the sales team include better targeting and segmentation, effective lead nurturing, higher conversion rates, cost-saving, and increased sales opportunities. Also, manually collecting data often leads to errors, and we have already explained how bad data costs more to the B2B companies. Adding a data enrichment tool to your process of lead generation will help you discard unnecessary data and retain the most relevant data in greater detail. It helps you focus on the right prospects that have a better impact on your bottom-line. If you have the data, you can plan how you should structure the call, what should be the next action, and how you can speed up the sales process. To efficiently reach prospects, sales needs to concentrate on data enrichment. It will help you get a better view of your audience and more accurately target them. The more you know about your audience the more you can win their confidence and loyalty. 

How to Enrich Your Data and Drive Revenue with our Lead Enrichment tool

  1. Get Updated B2B Info: Get full data from our data portal in a few clicks to immediately be able to start a conversation with a prospect. Upload your lists and find updated information so you can send accurate information to your CRM.  
  2. Enrich existing leads in your CRM or PSAWith Binox MSP you can incorporate additional business and contact details you need for your sales and marketing strategies.  
So, get ready to up your sales game to the next stage with lead enrichment. Prepare to increase your MRR by finding better opportunities with our lead enrichment tool.